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3 Things You Need To Know About Your Skin

By Jasnitha Nair | January 3, 2017

We recently caught up with Nu Skin‘s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Joseph Chang and talked all things skincare. The one thing that kept popping up? The importance of sunblock and how it often gets sidelined. So ladies, you heard it from the man himself! A little tip to never forget sunblock? Stick a note on your mirror till it becomes a part of your morning routine. 

Here’s what else Dr Joseph had to share:

1. There’s no such thing as bad genes. “No one is born a criminal, it’s the circumstances that life puts them through eventually makes the person a criminal. The same can be applied at the genetic level. There are, however, bad gene activity. That’s the difference! Your genes can misbehave and often times when people say they have bad genes, they’re referring to its behaviour.”

2. When it comes to looking flawless, it’s not about finding the right makeup coverage. “You need to start by caring for your skin. Look for skincare products that suit your skin best instead of coating your skin with makeup!”

3. You’re never too young to start with sunblock. “Even a 12-year-old should be using skincare products. What kind of products? Sunblock. Most people have the misconception that it’s okay for the younger ones to play under the sun without any sunblock – that’s not true.”

Pick up our January 2017 issue to read more about Nu Skin’s all-new ageLOC Me – a customised skincare system that is able to come up with over 2,000 possible product combinations for various skin types. With this new innovation, you can ensure all your preferences are taken into consideration – right down to whether you like fragrance or SPF in your moisturiser.  

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