Beauty Life Hacks Every Busy Woman Should Know Of

How you can save time and still look fresh for the day!

By The Weekly | October 19, 2017

Looking great for work doesn’t mean taking up precious sleeping hours. Here’s how you can save time and still look fresh for the day. We hope you find these beauty hacks useful and have them a try!

This story was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly 

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1.Wake your eyes up with eyeliner

When you’re tired, it’s likely to show up in your eye area. Define your eyes with eyeliner to help it look bigger so that you’ll look more awake for the early morning meeting.

Marc Jacobs concealer (web)

2. Hide dark under eye circles

Still on the topic of eyes, use a peach-toned concealer like the Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer, RM130.00, to hide dark circles. Using your regular concealer may cause dark under eye circles to appear grey and ashy instead.

Burberry Highlighter web

3. Highlight your brow bones to make eyes appear larger and brighter

For bigger, brighter eyes, apply cream-based highlighter on your brow bone to really lift them. The idea is to be subtle, so avoid a highlighter with too much shimmer or glitter.


4. Get eyelash extensions

Thre’s plenty of apprehension surrounding eyelash extension – do they weaken your own lashes? Are they hard to maintain?  There’s definitely after-care involved after lash extensions but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Go to a reputable lash salon with a therapist who is able to advice on the amount of lashes, type of curl, length of lashes and style you are suitable for. Plus, if you frequently struggle with smudging mascara, eyelash extensions are definitely the way to go.


5. Try brow embroidery

Let’s face it, there’s definitely been an emphasis on brows in the recent few years and while it isn’t too difficult to draw them, it takes a steady hand and a bit of luck to get them looking balanced. That’s when eyebrows embroidery comes in.

Unlike eyebrows tattoo back in the day, eyebrow embroidery actually looks like individual hair and can look very natural. They’re great for those with naturally sparse brows, or just have little time in the morning to perfect their brows.


Percy & Reed web

6. Nourish hair while you sleep

If you have no time to apply a hair mask while you shower, try using the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery, RM126.00, instead. This conditioning treatment is like a sleeping mask for your hair, nourishing it while you sleep. You can even use this on your hair while you’re working out so hair still remains soft (plus smells great), even if you’re just rinsing it out.


7. Braid hair overnight for sexy waves in the morning

Want wavy hair but don’t have time in the morning to curl it? Section hair and braid them before you sleep, then loosen the braids in the morning, apply some styling products and you’re good to go.


8. Master the top bun

If you have no idea how to braid your hair, an easier alternative is to tie everything up into a top bun. It’s perfect for styling gross, unwashed hair (we’re not judging) or to take care of a bad hair day (hello limp hair).

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