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How To Treat Spots And Discolouration On Your Skin

Need a remedy your dull skin? Here's what you'll need.

By Iva Kuck | March 23, 2017

Many of us yearn for luminous skin. From sun spots to blemishes, uneven skin tone are caused by a variety of triggers that dull and age the look of your skin. Recently, Artistry launched the new Artistry Ideal Radiance Collection, a six-piece brightening skincare line that combines unique botanicals and skin-brightening technology.

The two breakthrough concentrates to help treat different types of spots and discolouration and both are powered by the exclusive Star Lily blend and formulated with specific ingredients that target specific hyperpigmentation concerns.

So what is Star Lily?

  • the world’s most efficacious and beneficial ingredients
  • available at the coastal areas of northern Greece
  • able to maintain its pure white luminosity even during harsh environmental assaults of salt water, high winds and extreme levels of UV exposure
  • during the day the flower closes; full bloom at night

The brightening powder of Star Lily is harnessed and combined with English Daisy and Evening Primrose to create the exclusive Star Lily blend. This brightening force advances the treatment of spots and discolouration, and forms the basis for each Artistry Ideal Radiance formula.

Illuminating Foam Cleanser

Illuminating Foam Cleanser, RM183

Ultra hydrating cleanser that sweeps away impurities with Oat Extract exfoliation technology for a smoother complexion.

Illuminating Softening Lotion

Illuminating Milky Emulsion, RM249

Milky lotion that infuses skin with abundance of moisture and improves the appearance of dark spots with the anti-oxidant and brightening benefits of Nutrilite-approved All-White Chia Seed complex and pomegranate blend.

Complexion Serum

Complexion Serum Concentrate, RM305

Lightweight serum with Star Lily blend helps lighten and diminish the appearance of discolouration.

Spot Essence

Spot Essence Concentrate, RM371

Highly concentrated treatment to target the most stubborn dark and age spots.

Illuminating Cream

Illuminating Cream, RM268

Rich and intensive hydrating cream for all day moisture.

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