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Beauty By The Stars 2018: Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler

Supercharge your styling efforts with an automated curler that creates beautiful waves

By The Weekly | April 6, 2018


Curling tools have come a long way since their cumbersome days of accidental burns and lacklustre results. Think of all the time you’ve spent painstakingly trying to achieve perfect spirals with the standard curling wand—now cut that time and effort in half. That’s exactly what Philips’s latest StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler helps you achieve, complete with voluminous waves and bombshell curls to boot.



Boasting innovative features that automatically twirls hair into the device’s motorised chamber to create salon-worthy curls, this advanced tool eliminates the need for complex twists and turns required by manual styling wands. Instead, it helps create uniformly-shaped curls from the front to the back of the head for perfectly tousled looks. Equipped with a longer ceramic barrel that offers a larger working surface than previous devices, the StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler enables you to style twice as much hair in one go, saving you ample time as you get party-ready.

With three heat and timer settings for different hair textures and three adjustable curling directions, you can enjoy 27 combinations for a variety of looks, whether it’s tight ringlets or messy waves. While that’s sounds like a lot of beauty math, all that matters is the end result, which is a perfectly voluminous style that’s ready to be lusted over.


This is an advertising feature in association with Philips.

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