Best Beauty Buys 2017: Best Nail Treatment – Jessica Bend Don’t Break

By The Weekly | September 1, 2017

Tired of peeling, brittle nails that can’t keep up with your busy lifestyle? Your solution lies in this little bottle from Jessica, the world-renowned natural nail care brand.

Bend Don’t Break is a base coat with a difference. With Citral to naturally fortify nails without drying them, Argan Oil to condition nails and Wheat Proteins to moisturise nail beds and cuticles, this revolutionary nail treatment is designed to help your breakage-prone nails bounce back instead of splitting and breaking like they usually do. In no time at all, you can show off strong, flexible, enviable nails. You could say that with Bend Don’t Break, Jessica has pretty much nailed it. At RM69.


Jessica Phenomen Oil
With Jojoba, Almond and Rice oils, this intensive moisturiser softens cuticles, encourages circulation, heals and rehydrates. It’s so phenomenal you can even use it on dry areas such as the elbows, feet and knees, and add a few drops to your bath for overall skin conditioning. At RM65.

The Nail Parlour Buffing Kit
Want to give your nails a super-shiny gloss without polish? This handy little kit contains everything you need: a three-way buffer, a chamois buffer, and buffing cream. Buffing not only gives nails a naturally healthy gloss, it also promotes nail-bed circulation and nail growth. At RM48.

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