Best Beauty Buys 2017: Best Roll-on Antiperspirant – Perspirex Roll-on Antiperspirant

By The Weekly | September 1, 2017

You cannot prevent your body from sweating. Sweating is a necessary function of the body to keep itself cool. But if excessive sweating is cramping your style, you can reduce it quite effortlessly with one of the world’s most effective roll-on antiperspirants.

Perspirex Roll-on Antiperspirant offers some serious sweat and body odour control thanks to its unique formulation – an aluminium chloride and lactate solution that reacts with the water in sweat glands to form a temporary keratin plug, which gets expelled when skin cells renew themselves every two to seven days. This is why only two or three applications of the antiperspirant are needed per week to keep embarrassing sweat stains at bay. Go ahead – raise your arms up high and wave to the world! At RM68.90.


Perspirex Antiperspirant Hand and Foot Lotion
Sweaty underarms aren’t the only body parts that can cause worry and embarrassment. Sweaty hands and feet can also gross people out. Good thing that Perspirex once again has the solution to these problems! Boasting the same ingredients as the roll-on antiperspirant, the clinically proven Antiperspirant Hand and Foot Lotion also provides unrivalled, long-lasting protection. Just one application of this quick-absorbing, non-sticky lotion will keep your sweat-prone hands and feet dry for up to three to five days. At RM68.90.

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