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Get Your Skin Glowing In Time For CNY!

This facial treatment will restore your skin’s health and harmony in no time.

By The Weekly | February 5, 2018

We all know and accept that skin ageing is part and parcel of life. Oftentimes our hectic lifestyles that entail juggling a career, family and personal needs leave us feeling stressed mentally and emotionally; unfortunately, it sometimes shows on our skin, too. However, we don’t have to feel disheartened – all is not lost. With a little help from AsterSpring, your skin can regain its youth and vigour.

Time to awaken your skin
AsterSpring has introduced the Awakening Skin Therapy that seeks to help your skin achieve overall skin radiance, hydration and rejuvenation so you regain that young, fresh-faced appearance you once had – and instantly! The Awakening Skin Therapy targets skin concerns such as dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, as well as oily, pigmented and even sensitive and fragile skin. The therapy is customised to your skin’s needs and works through three simple step – known as the 3Es.

  1. Eliminate – Your skin cells are activated with LPG Endermologie, the latest medical-grade anti-ageing technology from France, and Dermalogica exfoliation to remove dead cells and lay the foundation for a more efficient skin metabolism.
  2. Establish – Your skin’s natural moisture barrier is replenished, thereby improving the skin repair process to result in rejuvenated skin cells. This key step features the new Dermalogica UltraCalming Clinical Oatmeal Masque with redness relief essence for barrier defence and hydration.
  3. Enduring – Skin’s defence system is given a boost with a nutrient-rich botanical cooling mask that contains ingredients vital for your skin’s natural repairing function and to guard against environmental stressors. It also ups hydration levels and soothes the skin.

A totally relaxing experience
The Awakening Skin Therapy begins with cleansing, LPG Endermologie and exfoliation steps. Next, your skin is recharged and nourished with the new Dermalogica Ultracalming Clinical Oatmeal Masque while you enjoy a revitalising European massage. This is then followed by a botanical cooling masque and the therapy ends with application of toner, moisturiser and sun care.

Each session is 58 minutes and the Awakening Skin Therapy is available at AsterSpring Centres for RM428 and AsterSpring Signature Centres for RM458. Visit to find an AsterSpring Centre close to you.


This article is brought to you by AsterSpring.

AsterSpring Treatment Room (1675 x 1117)

Treatment room at AsterSpring.

AsterSpring - LPG Endermologie (1365 x 801)

A therapist delivering the LPG Endermologie treatment.

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