Brighter Radiance In No Time

Radiantly beautiful and flawless skin is now easier to achieve with the Swiss line Cell Shock White HD range of skincare

By The Weekly | December 5, 2017

Wishing that your skin could regain the clarity and glow it once had? No one escapes the ageing process and sometimes our skin shows signs of fatigue and wear. But all is not lost. Swiss line has developed the solutions you need to help your skin rediscover its bright and youthful quality.

Since its debut seven years ago, the Swiss line Cell Shock White HD collection has proven its efficacy in brightening up skin, achieving that ethereal diamond glow complexion. With an advance in technology, the line has been reformulated to be even more effective, and in less time, with the new ingredients introduced alongside the original Cellactel 2 White Complex that helps regenerate skin and slow down the signs of ageing.

This includes Diamond Clusters made of real nano diamond elements suspended in micro-capsules that are evenly dispersed into skin once applied, providing a brighter light reflection; the award-winning Syn-ake Peptide with its non-invasive plumping effect; and the Spot-Off Complex that helps tackle age spots by inhibiting melanin formation – all three power ingredients found in the line’s Brightening Diamond Serum. Meanwhile, the HD-White Complex found in all the products in the line helps skin appear brighter and fairer with its antioxidants and other ingredients such as Arbutin Glutathione and ascorbic acid.

To deliver the best whitening and brightening potential for skin, Swiss line Cell Shock White HD presents its complete line of skincare products:

SL CSW Brightening Diamond Serum 300 dpi (951 x 2923)

Cell Shock White HD Brightening Diamond Serum, RM888
The star of the whole Cell Shock White range, the serum is amped up with Diamond Clusters, Syn-ake Peptide and Spot-Off Complex that helps skin appear brighter with a more radiant glow and less visible lines, dark spots and blemishes. The formula consists of two different serums in separate chambers in the bottle that are fused when dispensed to create one potent solution.

SL CSW Facial Cleansing Foam 240 dpi (1842 x 3852)

Cell Shock White HD Facial Cleansing Foam, RM338
This cleansing foam not only cleanses but also removes makeup and other residues from exposure to daily pollution with quart silica that helps exfoliate skin for a more refined complexion.

SL CSW Facial Brightening Essence 240 dpi Small

Cell Shock White HD Facial Brightening Essence, RM488
With its gel texture, the facial brightening essence provides a cooling sensation while working to prep skin to ensure better effectiveness of the complementary products within the range by naturally exfoliating skin and battling signs of pigmentation and uneven texture.

SL CSW Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion 240 dpi small

Cell Shock White HD Daytime Brightening – Power Emulsion, RM538
Made to perform better when used during the day, skin appears brighter with the first application of this moisturising emulsion. With an increased amount of antioxidants and anti-pollution factors with the HD White Complex in its formula, it helps to protect skin against urban stress and environmental assault all day long while also fighting pigmentation.

SL CSW Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++ 300 dpi (1665 x 3393)

Cell Shock White HD Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++, RM458
Protect skin against harmful UV rays with the Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++ that contains 100 per cent mineral sun filters, including titanium dioxide. You can even mix it with foundation or CC creams for coverage while also protecting skin from the elements.

SL CSW Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++ 300 dpi (1280 x 3120)

Cell Shock White HD Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++, RM558
For better protection from the sun’s rays, yet doesn’t feel heavy on skin, the Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++ is the perfect choice. Use it on the face, neck and décolleté to slow down the signs of aging on these sensitive spots.

SL CSW Overnight Brightening-Power Cream 240 dpi (2273 x 2648)

Cell Shock White HD Overnight Brightening – Power Cream, RM788
Repair and brighten skin overnight while you sleep with this cream containing the HD-White Complex that helps to boost the skin’s natural recovery process.


Cell Shock White HD Facial Brightening Mask, RM498
This cream mask helps to brighten, hydrate and detoxify skin while also refining pores, thus creating a smoother and more radiant glow in skins as well as a more receptive layer for other products in the range.

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