Five Hairstyles You Should Try When Playing Sports

By Stephanie | August 10, 2017

Try these cute yet comfortable hairstyles when you hit the gym, play any sports or even attend yoga classes.  The idea is to go with braids that are neat, tight but yet stylish.

  • Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are best suited for those with layered hair as the braid captures and holds every bit of your layered hair. Divide your hair into two parts and braid it, or braid it from the side and end it with a ponytail.

  • French Braid

French braids are slightly similar to Dutch braids but the folds are more prominent and tighter. Try an updo version like this or even into a bun.

  •  Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are very suitable if you want a hairstyle that is tucked and tight. This boxer braid is super easy and fast to do.

  •  Wrap ponytail

For a simpler and sophisticated look, then give this wrapped ponytail look a go. You will need a hair pin to secure the strand of hair that you wrap around your ponytail.

  •  French wrap ponytail with a headband

Similar steps like a french bun, you’ll need to just leave the ponytail down and wrap your ponytail with some strand of hair. Then end this look with a headband of your liking.




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