Jo Malone London releases Cologne Intense collection

Create that one fragrance that tells your story

By The Weekly | December 15, 2016

Every morning before you head to work, do you always face the dilemma of choosing between two of your favourite fragrances? You think to yourself, “Why can’t I just wear both?”

Well, you can.

Jo Malone London introduces a new fragrance collection that is structured to either stand alone in their unique scents or be blended and layered with one another for a distinctive personalised fragrance. The inspiration behind this collection stems from the rich flavours of the Middle East such as jasmine, rose, and oud, among others. After expert blending by the Creative Studio of Jo Malone London, seven new Jo Malone London Cologne Intense fragrances were born.

Among the seven delicious fragrances in the collection, our favourite has got to be the Tuberose Angelica and Incense & Cedrat.


Tuberose Angelica
A sensual floral scent that is soft and delicate. The blend of angelica and amberwood delivers an intoxicating scent that makes the wearer ultra-desirable.


Incense & Cedrat
The unique addition of incense into the blend of balsamic scent creates a lifting fragrance that is warm and inviting. Citrus elements are luminously present due to the use of cedrat and altogether, the fragrance gives a majestic and mystical quality.

The unique ability of these fragrances to be used alone or mixed with one another allows for a personalised scent. Now you can create that one fragrance that you’ll always choose in the morning!

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