Carousell Turns Waste to Wear With Celebrity Stylist Min Luna

Create new space in your wardrobe for new experiences with Carousell

By Geetha | August 10, 2017

Ever have that one costume from last year’s Halloween party or sequined dress from your office’s 50’s Great Gatsby themed dinner that you only wore once? Aside from the hefty price tag, it’s just sitting there in your closet collecting dust as the possibility of wearing it again is zero to none.

Well thanks to the Carousell app, you can sell your pre loved clothes online and give them new homes with others whom can purchase from you according to your set price range. Instead of wasting your money away, others can wear them and you get money back guarantee.

At the recent Carousell’s Waste to Wear event, Winnie Khoo, General Manager of Carousell Singapore & Malaysia explains the app is about creating new experience and space. Consumers get to receive new items from others at the same time creating space from selling theirs.

Fashion trends like the 70’s flare jeans and coloured sunglasses from the 90’s are making a come back. Hence, Carousell called in local celebrity stylist, Min Luna, to turn pre loved waste clothes to ready-wear everyday outfits.

“In the styling world, it’s my job to keep my clients on trend. I’ve always shop for clothes in stores but after founding out about Carousell, my styling game totally changed!” gushed Min Luna.

Min Luna has been styling celebrities like Neelofa and many others throughout her career in fashion over the past 10 years and has collaborated with various designers to create her own fashion line.

The themes chosen by Min Luna to style her models using Carousell pre loved clothes were Red Fashion, 70’s chic, Quick Silver, 90’s office and muslimah fashion.


Min Luna Styling 2

Min evaluates all of the model’s clothing according to their chosen theme of 70’s Chic, Muslimah Fashion, 90’s Office and Quick Silver

70's fashion

70’s Chic

“The 70’s was all about pleads and flare”, says Min. “Make it 2017 by pairing it with modern velvet tops and bomber jackets for the edgy look”

Muslimah Fashion

Muslimah fashion is the in-thing now and Min’s tip? “Don’t be afraid to pair bright hijab colors with soft-coloured outfits. It brings out the contrast!”

90’s Office

Min says,”The 90’s was a weird time for all of us. It also means stripping the dull white and grey office wear by pairing funky abstract prints and colors to give your look some life.”

Quick Silver

Says Min, “When wearing silver, try to keep the rest of your look neutral. Spice it up by getting yourself a sparkly silver top because it goes with almost anything.”

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