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7 Undergarment Myths, Debunked!

Have you been subscribing to these underwear untruths all your life?

By The Weekly | January 24, 2018

Ah, the oft-misunderstood but very necessary world of undergarments. While most of us know the common groundwork when it comes to buying, washing or wearing your undergarments, there are still some myths that hold up even till today. To help you understand and debunk these fallacies, click ahead to see our gallery of tidbits and information that will help put these underwear myths to rest.

(This story was first published on The Singapore Women’s Weekly website/Written by Aaron Kok)

1) sloggi Twice and Nice_Push Up Bra_Skin-Light Combination (Small)

Myth #1: You should always wear a white bra with a white shirt

If you’ve been doing this all the time, we suggest that you stop. Most people think that white underwear will camouflage underneath white clothing, when in fact, it’s entirely opposite. White undergarments tend to show up most, so your best bet is to stick to nude colour undergarments.

Push up bra, from Sloggi.

2) xixili (Small)

Myth #2: You should sleep with bra on to avoid sagging breasts

While wearing a bra is an easy way to add support, you should actually take it off before bed to give your breasts a break, especially because the body has a system to flush toxins out of your breats naturally that can be hindered by an underwired bra.

Picture: Xixili

Gurney Lightbox -1

Myth #3: Your cup size remains the same

Most women think that once you have a cup size, it remains with you for the rest of your life. But just like your jeans size, your bra size tends to change as you age. On average, every woman would change around six times throughout her lifetime, so it is important to make sure you get your bra properly fitted when shopping for new undergarments.

Photo: Neubodi

4) Triumph Shape Sensation_Bodydress_Neutral Beige (Small)

Myth #4: Shapewear is not for slim women

Contrary to popular belief, shapewear can be worn by women of all shapes to help them contour better. A boyish figure might need shape wear to get better-defined curves, while a slim woman might want shapewear to improve her look and how she feels.

Shape Sensation body dress, from Triumph.

5) milkyb at fv r,m89-BARELY NAKED SET IN PEACH

Myth #5: A new bra should fit to the last hook

Rather than try to squeeze yourself into the last hook, go for the middle hook. It provides you with a truer fit, without compromising on comfort.

Barely Naked set, RM89, from MILKYB at Fashion Valet.

6) selmark at fv rm329

Myth #6: You should size down when buying shapewear

There is a common misconception that shapewear requires you to buy one size down. Shapewear is about compression, not about constricting how much food you can eat. So stick to your regular size and trust that the shapewear will do the rest of the work.

Dress shape wear, RM329, from  Selmark at Fashion Valet. SEXY push up bra rm226.81

Myth #7: You shouldn’t wash your bra too frequently

Sanitary reasons aside, washing your bra often is actually a good thing. The fabrics break down and wear out over time as they interact with the dirt and oils on our skin. So by wearing it over prolonged periods of time without washing, you not only do more damage to it, you’re also accruing more bacteria in your bra.

Photo: La Senza

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