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Are You Still Following These Style Trends in 2018? Maybe Its Time To Change Up!

We’ve narrowed it down to 8 trends to avoid, and 4 trends to look out for, so that when you hit the stores for some retail therapy, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for (and what you shouldn’t be adding to your basket)

By Sabrina Salehuddin | January 25, 2018

As we kick off a new year, a new season of fashion trends and must-have items are coming your way. So hit the refresh button on your wardrobe, update your style by getting to know what to keep and what to toss. Click ahead to see our handy IN/OUT guide!

This story was first published on The Singapore Women’s Weekly website/Written by Aaron Kok

"Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

OUT-Pageant dresses

Let’s all agree that it’s time to retire the naked-and-crystallised dress. Not only have we seen it being done to death on the red carpet, they are neither inspiring nor very relatable for anyone else who isn’t a size 0.

Wear instead: A vintage-inspired gown in a silky fabric.

(Picture from Atelier Versace)

2) (Small)

OUT: Bum bags

A flash-in-the-pan trend that started picking up steam at the start of FW17, we’re glad to see that people are finally tiring on the trend and moving on to other bags.

Wear instead: One of the many iterations of the mini bag.

(Picture from

3) versace (Small)

IN- Pastel perfection

What to wear for the first month of 2018? Try incorporating some pastels into your wardrobe. Not only it is a great way to add colour to all the dull colours you’ve been wearing for the last few months, it’s a welcome departure from the busy patterns that will take over your wardrobe for the next season.

(Picture from Versace)


OUT: Shrugged off jackets

First popularised by Balenciaga a few seasons ago, this trend started out as a way to street style celebs to keep warm in a puffer jacket, but still show off their flashy tops to the street style photographers. Now, everyone is shrugging off their jackets, regardless of whether it’s apuffer jacket or silky robe.

Wear instead: A jacket normally.

Matilda Lutz alla premiere italiana de"L'estate addosso"

OUT: Bomber jackets

Once a must-have items for everyone, the bomber jacket is now fading into the background, as more elegant and grown up jacket options are taking its lead.

Wear instead: A mannish jacket, or a light trenchcoat.

(Picture from Gucci)

Gigi Hadid in Versace - MTV Movie Awards (Apr 9) (Small)

IN: Tailoring

Tailoring is still a big trend, whether you’re heading to work or out for a cheeky drink. And given how the right fit can change your entire silhouette and look, we’re not surprised why tailoring would be a big hit.

(Picture from Versace) (Small)

OUT: Faux-bohemian

Unless you’re at a music festival, there’s no reason why you should be wearing copious of suede fringe and boots around. Not only does it look too casual for most occasions, it also feels dated.

Wear instead: Stick to something more classic, if you want to dress light for the weather. A boyfriend shirt, flatforms and a chic shoulder bag are all great staples to have.

(Picture from

Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 6

OUT: Chokers

You can now exhale, because we’re sure that chokers are officially out! Just as well, since most chokers would cut you off the neck, creating the impression of a shorter and stumpier looking neck area.

Wear instead: A simple gold chain with a coin pendant. Understated, elegant, easy.

(Picture from


IN: Violet

Declared by Pantone as the Colour of the Year in 2018, we’re expecting to see plenty of interpretations of this colour. So start stocking up on those plush purples before everyone else does!

(Picture from

OUT: Spag-tops over other tops

What started out as a cool way to wear a slip dress has now jumped the shark, so the next time you’re looking at wearing a spaghetti strap top over a shirt or a t-shirt, fight the urge and put it back.

Wear instead: If you want to wear a spaghetti strap top, throw on a blazer over so you can get away with it for the office.

(Picture from

OUT: Off-shoulder tops

No more off-shoulder tops, please! We’ve seen them being done by everyone from high fashion to high street, and we just want to see something else.

Wear instead: Any other top, as long as it doesn’t come in this neckline.

(Picture from

Courtesy of Gucci by Kevin Tachman (Small)

IN: Animal prints

Animalia is in again, as evidenced from the SS’18 runways of Prada, Givenchy and Versace. Except that instead of a head-to-toe outfits, the new way of wearing wild prints is to mix it with other patterns. Case in point: the tiger stripes mixed with comic strips at Prada, or the leopard-meets-florals combo at Gucci.

(Picture from Gucci by Kevin Tachman)

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