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Exclusive! 3 Minutes With d.d Collective On KL Fashion Week 2017

d.d Collective's designer, Debbie Chung shares with us how to survive fashion week and what to expect from their show at this year's fashion week

By Sabrina Salehuddin | August 18, 2017

Holiday 2017 Collection
Holiday 2017 Collection

Holiday 2017 Collection

Describe your latest collection for KLFW2017 in three words.

Romantic, whimsical, dark (with a nod to the disheveled grunge styling of the 90’s).

What type of textiles are you working with?

Satin, crepe, jacquard and cotton poplin.

How about the silhouette for this collection?

Staying true to our usual silhouette that emphasises on the cinched waist, flared hems and slim-legged trousers.

Any key pieces that we should look out for?

Our dresses and jumpsuits: Leva Spiral Midi Dress, Alexandra Side Draped Dress, Casa Flounced Maxi Dress, Rivet Lace-up Jumpsuit, Ruffled Open Shoulder Jumpsuit

How does your clothes translate to the average consumer?

Despite being styled for the runway, most of the pieces in our collection are fairly commercial styles which are tailored to the needs of the average consumer.

Who is your favourite celebrity or blogger to see at Fashion Week? Why?

 Probably Jane Chuck, a blogger who’s got great aesthetic and uses a good mix of street and high fashion.

What’s your top tip for surviving fashion week?

 Dress to feel good in your own skin, because that’s what fashion is all about!

What do you love most about Fashion Week?

Having a group of diverse individuals all being here and showcasing their talent in various ways. Seeing all the collections on the runway knowing how much effort and heart was put into creating each piece.

Your thoughts on the fashion scene here……

It is still quite an intimate scene with room for growth. There are so many new brands and designers coming onto the local scene now, so it would be interesting to witness everyone’s progress along the way and how they influence changes here.

One must item to have during KLFW and why?

 Water! It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated as you head from show to show.

A big No-No during KLFW? 

 Please don’t be late because when you are late, you’re also disrupting the show and other guests.

Any tips on how to look the best when taking an #ootd ?

As cliche as it sounds, know your best angles and light source. Try to face the light when taking a picture instead of having it above or behind you. Don’t be afraid to take 300 shots if you have to. If you love what you’re wearing, might as well indulge yourself.


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