10 Super-hunky Men You Won’t Believe Are Actually 50+ Years Old

Gasp! These older men will get your heart palpitating

By The Weekly | December 26, 2017

Some men are like wine – they just get better with age. From sporty silver heads to true fashion icons, the list will make you feel hot under the collar no matter what your age. Best of all, you can start following these foxy “grandpas” on Instagram right now. You can thank us later! Click through the gallery to see some silver foxes that will redefine your concept of older men:


1.ChuanDo Tan, 51

This man has been blowing up over the internet this past month and it’s not hard to see why. ChuanDo is a fine specimen for his age and we still can’t believe he’s 50 years old. The hottie is a photographer from Singapore, and one half of the photography duo ChuanDo&Frey.  Better known as CD to his friends and within fashion circles, he is guaranteed make your boyfriend or husband extremely jealous.

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He revealed how he keeps his body so fit and toned In an interview with the Singapore Strait Times. The answer, my friend, is six poached eggs. “You are what you eat,” he says, and abides by the theory that how your body looks is 70 per cent due to the food you consume, and 30 per cent about exercise. “You wouldn’t want to look like a hamburger, right? I would rather look like a mean, lean chicken breast”, is how he puts it.

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ChuanDo says he was overwhelmed by the attention he got back in July and stayed home for the first two days after his story went viral. He now has 618,000 followers from a mere 95k before. “One morning, I woke up, checked my phone and saw that my followers had increased to 105, 000,” he recalls. He thought there was a mistake, then realised he had a ton of messages too. “I was like, sh**, man.” The reaction, he explains, is because he’s actually a very shy person in real life.

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2. Aiden Brady, 51

This British fox is giving us grey hair envy with his flowing silver locks. Aiden Brady is a modelling industry veteran having lent his good looks to fashion shows, glossy magazines and more with his majestic beard.

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3. Anthony Varrecchia, 53

Through his work as a model, this rugged, scruffy New Yorker proves that beauty has no age limit. His followers on Instagram agree, as he has amassed more than 160,000 pairs of eyes that swoon over every pic he posts. From gym selfies to cups of coffee in bed, they can’t get enough of Anthony Varrecchia.

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4. Phillippe Dumas, 60

Phillippe Dumas who lives in Paris, made a last ditch attempt to achieve his dream of modelling through Reddit of all places. In late 2015, he uploaded a bunch of photos to the social news website, asking Reddit if he had what it takes to become a model. Just six months later he started modelling for designer ad campaigns.

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5. Mark Reay, 56

The dashing Mark Reay is a popular fashion photographer and model who is best known for starring in a documentary called Homme Less, which shed light on his secret life where he lived on a rooftop for six years despite rubbing shoulders with fashion’s most elite. Eventually, things got better and Mark has a proper home now.

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6. Nick Wooster, 57

Notoriously street-style snapped and regularly seen sporting edgy sunglasses, tailored clothing, some enviable pairs of shoes and his signature quaff haircut and perfectly groomed beard, Nick Wooster oozes all things fashionable. He’s social media savvy too with well over half-a-million followers on Instagram.

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7. Ron Jack Foley, in his 50s

Ron Jack Foley is another male model who has truly magnificent facial hair. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also blessed with beautiful eyes and perfect bone structure. His age isn’t anywhere to be found on the Internet but nobody really cares. Girls take a look, that hair flip makes him way sexier than your guy.

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8. Wang Deshun, 80

Dubbed “China’s hottest grandpa” by netizens, 80-year-old Wang Deshun became a worldwide sensation when he was seen on the runway at Beijing’s 798 Art Zone during Fashion Week in 2016. But Mr Wang is no stranger to modelling, having taught catwalking some 30 years ago in one of the first modelling schools in China. Follow him on Weibo here.

Photo: Weibo


9. Paul Mason, 53

Paul Mason has been a fashion fave for quite some time. So who is the man behind the big, white beard that some people call “Fashion Santa”? he’s been modelling for 30 years where his career has taken him to London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan and New York, and has landed him campaigns with DKNY, GAP and Dolce & Gabbana.

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10. Gianluca Viachhi, 50

The impeccably toned Italian is a businessman and not only is he macho and mature, he’s also a millionaire. Gianluca Viacchi is quite the playboy though so best to just look not touch.

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