8 Weird Reasons Why Your Boobs Are Itching Like Crazy

Find out why sometimes your girls are itching to high heaven!

By The Weekly | January 4, 2018

Breast and nipple itching is more common than you think. And when it comes to itchy boobs, you might get a weird look or two when you just can’t help it and have to scratch them in public. While your itch may be temporary, it could also be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your body. Here are some reasons why your boobs may be itching like crazy:

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1.Contact dermatitis
Chemicals added to cleansing products that directly touch your skin can trigger itchy skin. It’s no wonder our girls get irritated considering we slather on perfumed soap and cover them with fabric treated with laundry detergent every day.

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2. Too-tight clothing
In most cases of itchy breasts, your clothing may be the problem. The fabric used may be scratchy or it may be too tight and not allowing adequate ventilation, especially if you live in a hot and humid environment.

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3. Eczema
You might not know it but you may have eczema! Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes dry, itchy inflammation that show up as a red rash. If you have breast itchiness for a while and you can’t pinpoint why, eczema could be the cause.

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4. Sweat build-up
Sweat is mostly made of salt, which can dry out the skin if it lingers. After the skin dries, the itch strikes. Sweat left behind on the skin under your breasts can also promote itching by attracting yeast and leading to a skin yeast infection.

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5. Pregnancy
It may sound strange but raging hormones during pregnancy can cause the dreaded itch. Weight gain can also make your breasts and nipples larger, leading to stretched skin that gets itchy as it expands. Always moisture your bits and bobs!

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6. Sunburn
If you’ve been in the sun a lot, it can also cause itchy breasts along with redness of the skin. While you may not feel any tenderness, any mole or skin “bump” that tends to become more itchy in sunlight needs to be investigated immediately.

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7. Bug bites
Most bug bites leave a telltale red spot of sorts to help you identify your itchiness as a bug bite. But not all bugs are created equal. Dust mites (commonly found in mattresses) can leave you with mark-free bites that itch like you won’t believe.

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8. Breast Cancer
Although rare, itchy breasts that are accompanied by nipple discharge and any fixed and growing lump in the breasts should be taken more seriously. This can be at times an indication of breast cancer. Seek a doctor’s advice immediately to be safe.

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Text: Natalya Molok
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