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It's time to create an experience that leaves you feeling inspired, energised and hooked!

By Iva Kuck | January 16, 2017

At the start of every new year we often promise ourselves that we’d estart exercising and be more active.Why not consider heading to Flycyle, the latest destination gym in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur that combines functional and strength training for a full body workout.

You’ll be able to do all-in-one fitness routines that incorporates elements of cardio, dancing, spinning, movements that will transform your body to its best condition ever!



The fully imported Schwinn bikes allow you to make adjustments to the seat and the height specific to your size. Plus the unique clip on cycling shoes  stimulates the real-life cycling feel of an outdoor bike in a controlled, hard-pedalling indoor environment.

Get ready for a 45-minute sweat session designed to simultaneously work your legs, strengthen your core and tone up your upper body muscles. You can burned up to 700 calories depending on the individual and the amount of resistance used!

Set in a dark room lit with neon strobes, the exercise arena is ready to elevate your senses and heighten your experience.

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