The Working Woman’s Guide To Weight Loss

Busy lunch meetings and frequent travelling? Keep your waistline in check with these easy tips!

By The Weekly | July 23, 2016

No time for lunch

Missing a meal at midday will not help your energy levels or your concentration. When that mid-afternoon energy slump comes, you’ll be more likely to reach for something like sugar-laden muffin. Even if you can’t leave your desk that day, pack a healthy salad and some fruit to snack on to avoid gaining those pesky kilos later.

Cutting the fat on business trips

Who can resist hotel buffet breakfasts when we’re away from those important trips? Pack a pair of running shoes and gym shorts so if there’s a gym or pool at the hotel, try and fit some exercise in before your meetings.

Tiring, long commutes

When you’re desperate to relax, a long commute can be deadly for your diet. Avoid the temptation to munch on fatty snacks while you’re driving. Prepare dinner ahead of time (maybe the night before) so you can eat as soon as you get home – and you’re less likely to dial for pizza!

Natural fat burners

  • Hot Peppers

They contain capsaicin, a compound in chili that gives you the spicy kick and heats up your body which makes you melt additional calories.

  • Whole Grains

Did you know your body burns twice as many calories when breaking down whole foods? Simply substitute refined grains (like white bread) with their wholewheat counterparts.

  • Green Tea

Aside from all its antioxidant benefits, green tea also contains ECGC, a compound which helps to boost your metabolism temporarily. Bring on the hot ocha!

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