Do These Food Swaps For The Sake Of Your Health Today!

Eat healthier without sacrificing the flavours you love with this simple guide

By Sa'idah Jaffar | April 20, 2017

1. Whole wheat bread for white bread

White breads can be delicious but they are horrible for you, health wise. Instead of going for refined carbs where almost all nutrients are stripped off the bread, opt for whole wheat instead. Check the labels to be sure that no sugar is added.

2. Zucchini noodles for pasta

Spiralized zucchini and carrots are the new in thing and for good reason too! They make for a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded pasta. You could either use a spiralizer to turn your zucchini into noodles, or you could do it by hand and cut them into thin strips. If you can’t seem to let go of carbs completely, go for whole wheat or whole grain pasta instead.

3. Brown rice for white rice

Brown rice, black rice, quinoa and even Basmati rice are all better options than white rice as each one of them still have their nutrients intact. If you are not a fan of the taste of brown rice, cook equal parts of brown and white rice. You can increase the brown rice quantity slowly once you get used to it.

4. Avocado for mayonnaise 

Avocado has proven to be extremely versatile yet again and this is no exception. Swap mayonnaise with ripe avocados when making a chicken or egg sandwich and you’d be surprised at how delicious it is.

5. Olive oil and vinegar for fat-based salad dressing

Store-bought dressings are loaded with unnecessary fat and sugar. Make your own salad dressings with just olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper. If you want a bit of sweetness, add honey or orange juice.

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