5 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding A Bike Today!

Time to pedal your way to happiness and a good night's slumber with cycling!

By The Weekly | August 5, 2016


Riding a bicycle is worth a pedal or two these days as it has been shown to boost your fitness level, overall health and even as a positive environmental option. Here we’ve listed down five reasons you should take your bike out for a spin:-

1. Deeper sleep

According to Professor Jim Horne from Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, cycling exposes you to daylight which helps sync your circadian rhythm and reduces the stress hormone (cortisol) that prevents you from falling into deep sleep. A research done by Stanford University School of Medicine found that 20-30 minutes of cycling, three to four times a week helps reduce the time for insomniacs to fall asleep by half compared to those that don’t.

2. Breathe better

Based on a study by Imperial College of London, cyclists actually breathe in less fume compared to passengers in cars and motorcyclists! It was found that people in cars inhale about 40,000 ultrafine particles whereas cyclists are only exposed to about 8,000 ultrafine particles per cubic centimetre. It’s thought that cyclists breathe in fewer fumes because we ride at the edge of the road and, unlike drivers, aren’t directly in the line of exhaust smoke.

3. Saves the earth

Or at least make a difference to mother nature. With the growing number of drivers and motorcyclists, this directly translates into an increasingly polluted earth. With bicycles, not only does it produce zero pollution, but parking is a breeze. Think about it, up to ten bicycles can be parked in one car space and if yours is a fold-able bicycle like the ones from Vans Urban Bicycle, even better!

4. Feel high

It’s not what you think! We’re talking about the effect it gives our brain feel somewhat happier. This concept is similar to “runner’s high”, where runners feel a sense of euphoria after the endorphin kicks in. According to researchers in Germany, running brings out a surge of endorphin in the brain and this rings true for all endurance exercise like cycling. So if ever you’re feeling stressed or need a boost, head out with your bike!

5. See the world

See and experience more by cycling around the world. Of course, a plane might be more time-saving and convenient, but that’s exactly what’s so great about travelling on a bike. You get to see the finer details of a city and the culture of a place that you would most likely miss when flying. Just be sure to do a little research on what you’ll need to prepare and how many leaves you can take from work before taking on this adventure!

Read more about how bicycles make such a fantastic transportation device in The Malaysian Women’s Weekly October issue!

Van’s Urban Bicycle is located at 26 Jalan SS1/22, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Follow them on Instagram!

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