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Find Out What Simple Tweaks You Can Do Right Now For A Healthier Lifestyle

Simple tweaks to your daily routine can make a difference to your health

By The Weekly | January 20, 2018

Often we think that it is hard to stay healthy especially with our hectic lifestyles and abundance of food choices outside, but with some simple tweaks to our daily habits, it can be as easy as 1,2,3…

Add lemon in water

Add a slice of lemon or cucumber into your  drinking water. It can boost your intake of vitamin C and add flavor to your water as well.

Reduce meat intake

Increase vegetables and fruits intake per day and decrease meat intake slowly. You’ll get used to the healthier options of food despite of the high calories and cholesterol food.

Go for walks

For people who always sit in the office, try to have a morning walk on weekends. It is good to have some breathable air instead of staying indoors with the air conditioner on 24 hours.

Replace carbonated drinks

Instead of having carbonated drink or caffeinated drink after lunch, switch your favourite drink with something healthier such as detox water, fresh fruit juice, or flower tea without sugar. With the low sugar intake, the sugar level of your body will be lower.

Read an informational article

Try to read at least one informational article per day, and you’ll be impressed by the knowledge that you accumulate from time to time. A good article will change your lifestyle by adding some informational habit that you should’ve learned.

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