Inspired by Nature

Tap into nature’s purity and goodness

By The Weekly | January 29, 2018

A Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh Lemon and Aloe Vera is yours with every purchase of The Weekly’s February 2018 issue!


Modern science continuously reveals that the earth holds ingenious antidotes that benefit us in a myriad of ways. Inspired by nature’s bountiful goodness, Colgate developed the new Colgate Naturals range to care for your teeth, inspired by nature’s purest ingredients. Lemon, aloe vera, seaweed salt, crystalline salt and tea tree oil have been specially selected for their individual properties to target different oral care concerns.


Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh for naturally fresh breath
Enjoy long-lasting fresh breath with lemon oil and aloe vera extract. Its zesty lemon aftertaste leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean all day.


Colgate Naturals Real White for naturally white teeth
Contains seaweed and crystalline salts for naturally white teeth and with a unique slight hint of salty flavour for a refreshing after-brush mouth feel.


Colgate Naturals Gum Control to naturally care for your gums
Along with a unique taste that gives your mouth a satisfying clean feel, it has a blend of tea tree oil and aloe vera extract to naturally care and protect, leaving you with healthier teeth and gums.

This is an advertising feature in association with Colgate Naturals. 


MW1802AdvColgate_salt_2_high (600 x 400)

Natural extracts of specially selected ingredients are infused into the new Colgate Naturals toothpaste:

Crystalline salt contains minerals such as calcium and chloride

MW1802AdvColgate_Lemon_bg_high (600 x 400)

Lemon helps to naturally eliminate bad odours

MW1802AdvColgate_TeaTree_Leaves (600 x 368)

Tea tree oil has both antiseptic and calming properties

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