Positions For Amazing Sex During Pregnancy

Don't let your baby bump come interrupt your active sex life. Here are a few ways to work around it

By The Weekly | March 29, 2018

You might think having sex while pregnant isn’t safe but in truth, being pregnant shouldn’t put a damper on the amount of sex you should be having — as long as the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Not only does pregnancy make you glow all sorts of amazing, but the changes to hormone levels – particularly to rise of oestrogen and progesterone – can actually boost libido, too.

Plus, the hormonal shift often boosts blood flow to pelvic region, increasing vaginal lubrication and intensifying the sensitivity of the pleasure zone and nipples.

Of course, there are certain positions deemed more comfortable and enjoyable as your pregnancy progresses as Tracey Cox, sex, body language and relationship expert, and Lovehoney ambassador explains.

*Important: Before sex, speak to your gynaecologist and check on your pregnancy’s progress. Bleeding or spotting during sex may occur as the capillaries in your cervix can often swell and get irritated during sex. If this happens, inform your gynaecologist. 


Reverse Cowgirl
Get in the driver’s seat and take control. Enjoy having no pressure on your stomach, and the freedom to set the pace and depth of penetration.

“Get him to sit or lie on a sturdy surface or the floor, legs straight out in front of him or crossed (depending on how flexible he is!),” Cox explains.

“Climb on top facing his feet for a ‘reverse cowgirl.’”


On A Chair
“You can do this two ways,” Cox begins. “Sit with your back to him (if your feet don’t touch the ground, put something underneath to bring the floor closer to you), or face him straddled with two legs either side.”

“Make sure your feet can touch the ground so you feel grounded.”


Relieve pressure from your spine and lower abdomen, and enjoy a sweet cuddle while you’re at it. Experts also rave about spoon sex in the later stages of pregnancy for being a more gentle alternative.

“You lie on your side, legs drawn up towards your chest. He lies behind and penetrates. This provides support for your tummy, and is relaxed and loving with shallow penetration.”


Doggy Style
“‘Doggy style’ works at the start of the pregnancy but gets trickier as the belly gets bigger,” Tracey explains.

“As the pregnancy progresses, try getting lower by leaning on your forearms and using pillows underneath as support.”


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