The Right Nutrients For Your Kids To Grow Smart and Tall

It's never too late for catch-up growth when it comes to your kids nutrition

By The Weekly | March 31, 2017

Every parent knows that good nutrition is paramount to a child’s physical and mental development, and we put in conscious effort to feed our kids with the best-quality food and nutritional supplements money can buy to give them a headstart in their young life.

Thanks to advancement in science, researchers have been able to pinpoint which nutrients are specifically crucial in promoting brain development and helping children achieve optimal growth in height. If you feel regret that you were not able to give your child the right kind of nutrition from the time they were infants or toddlers, fear not, it’s never to late for your child to catch up.

A study* has shown that children aged between 7 and 9 years old given 600mg/day of Omega-3 DHA for 16 weeks saw improvement in their reading performance and behaviour. “The results showed that taking daily supplements of Omega-3 DHA improved reading performance for the poorest readers (those in the lowest fifth of the range) and helped these children to catch up with their peer group,” says Dr. Alex Richardson, a senior researcher at University of Oxford.

In addition, research has also shown that calcium and vitamin D3 are necessary for building strong bones during a child’s growing up years. In fact, it has been proven that before the age of 24, calcium that is consumed and absorbed helps bones grow vertically! Give your kid the nutritional support they need for healthy brain function with Nature’s Way Kids A+ Omega-3 Fish Oil. It comes in fruity-flavoured chewable capsules that burst in the mouth that they will love! Each capsule provides 180mg of Omega-3 EPA and DHA.  Supplement your child’s calcium intake to help them grow taller with Nature’s Way Kids A+ Calcium & Vitamin D3. Dairy- and lactose-free, each soft gel capsule contains calcium, vitamin D3, and phosphorus that work synergistically to help your build strong bones – and grow taller.


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