Signs That You’re Eating Way Too Much Refined Carbs

Find out if you're suffering from these signs!

By Sa'idah Jaffar | October 2, 2017

You might already know some of the signs of eating too much refined carbs. Weight gain, for example, is something just about everyone knows but, did you know? There are other health signs worth highlighting?

Here are some of them:



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1. Bloating

Here’s the thing about carbohydrates, it binds with water in your body and can cause bloating to happen.

While some bloating is acceptable, too much can really make you feel uncomfortable.


2. Your Moods Are Easily Affected

Once the sugar in your blood runs out and your insulin level dip, your body starts to feel tired and in need of some energy. All of this results in you feeling sleepy, moody and generally very unhappy.

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3. You’re Easily Hungry

Refined carbs are usually high in sugar and calories, which doesn’t always leave you feeling full and satisfied. When this happens, you tend to overeat and require more food later on to satiate your hunger.


4. Your Energy Levels Dip

Here’s the thing about carbs, while they provide us with energy to get us through the day, they also increase the sugar in your body, causing your insulin levels to rise and fall when your body’s made use of all those sugars.


5. Sugar Cravings

Sugar causes the brain to release dopamine – a pleasure hormone that makes you feel good and happy.

Whenever you eat too much sugar, your brain get so used to the dopamine it receives that it starts to crave more, causing you to crave sugar too.

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