10 Ways To Never Be Late To Work Again

Are you guilty of coming in late to work on a constant basis? Well we have a few tips to help you get out of that rut

By Sa'idah Jaffar | July 12, 2017

We’ve all had our moments when we’ve been punctually challenged but if being late for work is a common occurrence, maybe it’s time you follow these tips:

This article first featured on The Singapore’s Women’s Weekly website, written by Atika Lim.


1. Always prepare beforehand

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Set aside your outfit the night before so you don’t have to waste precious time in the morning deciding what to wear. Keep important things – such as keys, your phone and wallet in the same spot. Most people would prefer putting it on a bedside table or by the front door.



2. Think about how long your routines take

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Most people tend to think that they get ready in a shorter amount of time than they actually do. Spend one morning timing your daily routine and then plan your morning accordingly.


3. Find motivation to get to work early

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We know staying home sounds more enticing than leaving for work but instead of thinking about going to work as a chore, try motivating yourself by setting a reminder that leaving earlier means lesser people on board the bus or train!


4. Account for transition activities you might do

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Include the time taken for mundane tasks such as parking and walking – when planning how early you have to leave the house. Sometimes it’s these little things that could throw you off your schedule.


5. Find the average time it takes for you to get to work

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Work backwards and calculate exactly how long it will take to reach work. In order to do this, time yourself over a workweek and find the average time taken.


6. Aim to be 10 minutes earlier instead of being on time

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Take the time you’ve calculated (from earlier) and add on 10 minutes. When you plan to reach work 10 minutes earlier, more often than not, you’ll arrive right on time.


7. Take minute tasks with you

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Instead of replying emails and touching up on your work at home, take them with you. Finish them up on the commute to work or when you reach your destination.


8. Train yourself to wake up early

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If you’re always finding it difficult to wake up early every morning, train yourself to wake up early every day.



9. Streamline your makeup routine


Trust us, streamlining your makeup routine can make a whole lot of difference in getting you out the door earlier!

Instead of eyeliner, mascara and the full works, take four things from your makeup routine and do that.


10. Switch the time at home

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If all else fails, set all your home clocks a few minutes early. This sneaky stunt will unknowingly help leave you leave your house earlier.

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