5 Deadliest Food Eaten Around The World

Adventurous or just playing with death? Find out what food you should steer clear off when travelling abroad

By Sa'idah Jaffar | June 19, 2017

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Below are five of the deadliest delicacies around the world which includes which country they’re most popular in and how they are eaten.


1. Sannakji (raw baby octopus)
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Origin: Korea

How to eat it: Eaten raw and must be chewed continuously.

What makes it deadly: Although the octopus are killed and chopped into pieces before being served, its suction caps maintain its gripping power and is able to latch onto both your mouth and throat, making it a choking hazard.



2. African Bullfrog
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Origin: Africa

How to eat it: According to, Africans eat the whole frog, instead of just the legs like the French.

What makes it deadly: It contains a multitude of toxins in its body, and is believed that the young frogs who have yet to mate are the most dangerous due to the toxin that they carry.


3. Fugu (Pufferfish)
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Origin: Japan

How to eat it: Fried, raw (sashimi), fugu sake or boiled.

What makes it deadly: Its liver and organs contain tetrodotoxin, a deadly poison.


4. Casu Marzu (Rotten maggot cheese)
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Origin: Sardinia

How to eat it: As it is.

What makes it deadly: Made of sheep’s milk, this cheese is laid out in the open to encourage flies to lay their eggs inside the cheese, causing fermentation. You can get severe illnesses by the larvae survived in the cheese when eaten.


5. Monkey brains
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Origin: Asia

How to eat it: Raw, baked, or cooked.

What makes it deadly: May contain an illness called Variant Creutzfeldt-jakod disease which can cause death.

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