7 Ways To Get Your Home Organised, And The Whole Family Can Help!

Keeping things organised just got easier with these easy tips

By The Weekly | January 19, 2018

Want to get your home life sorted? These smart solutions may just be what you need to stay the course!

Text courtesy of Woman’s Day / Photos courtesy of Pexels



Everything Has Its Place

Assign specific living quarters to everything you own. Enlist baskets, trays, crates, and hooks to help.


Toss What You Don’t Need

Whenever you run across anything stained, ripped, the wrong size, or never worn, immediately toss it in the trash or a charity box.


Keep Utensils In A Basket

A wire basket like this Ikea Risatorp basket can be used to store kitchen utensils that doesn’t use up valuable shelf space. Keep it on the counter and tote it to the table when guests arrive.


Get The Kids On It, Too!

Let your kids help out too. Give them alarm clocks and post morning checklists for them so it’ll be less for you to organise!


Keep Glass Jars On Slide Out Shelves

Put countertop flour and sugar canisters on a lower slide-out cabinet shelf. Or use a sturdy baking sheet or plastic tray as a slide-out.


Be Square!

Trade round storage containers for the more efficient square or rectangular ones. Opt for Tupperware Modular Mates to save space!

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