Baking Tips From The Cake Maestro Himself

If you fancy all things cake and baking, this simple 5-step guide from Buddy Valastro will have you baking and decorating like a pro in no time.

By Sa'idah Jaffar | November 14, 2017

The Weekly’s got an inside scoop to Buddy’s secret to a successful baking. Find out how you too can be a maestro at baking!

1. Have an external thermometer on hand 

Sometimes the temperature that you set your oven to could be way off than what the temperature actually is. This is why having an external thermometer placed inside your oven would be helpful as it would give you an accurate reading of the current temperature the oven is at.

2. Turntables

We are at times guilty of decorating a cake either by placing it on the table or putting it on a makeshift turntable using a big  bowl. Having turntables would actually cut down the cake decorating process and give you a cleaner and more immaculate-looking cake.

3. A good pastry bag

If having a turntable is #1 on the list, then a good pastry bag comes in second. If you’re an avid cake decorator, you would know by now that there are a few types of pastry bags. Some are thinner than others, so depending on what you’re decorating, just be sure the pastry bag you are using is appropriate for the occasion.

4. Test your baking powder

In a small bowl of vinegar, put in a little of your baking powder and watch if it gives a little fizzle. If it does, your baking powder is still good for usage.

5. Be humble and continue learning

Buddy stresses that being humble and always have the will to continue learning is key to being a successful baker. “You are never too old or too good to learn and whether you have success, fame, or whatever it is, you’ve got to still remain humble.”


Catch Buddy Valastro in the new Cake Boss Season 9 premiering on November 15, Wednesday on TLC (Astro Channel 707) at 9PM.

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