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Time To Eat At Taiwan’s Famous Hot Pot Restaurant Right Here In KL

Next favourite hot pot is now open at Old Klang Road!

By Iva Kuck | January 23, 2017

Hot pot (also known as steamboat) is a communal way of eating and sharing a good time back in ancient days for Chinese generals and their armies who were out on the battlefield. This is what inspired Chun Ciou Hot Pot to bring the same heart-warming dining experience to its patrons.

Chun Ciou’s uniqueness lies in its authentic Taiwan culture which is a combination of Chinese and Japanese flavours and ingredients.

Plus, the unlimited and creative serving styles of authentic Taiwanese imports also sets Chun Ciou Hot Pot different from others. Diners can enjoy a combination of over 40 types of delicacies and items, six different superior Taiwan-based flavourful soups, complimented by nine tantalising signature sauces.

Best of all, it comes with complimentary dishes such as kimchee, mango lotus, salted green soybean and a bowl of braised pork rice. The best-seller ‘General Marbled Beef’ is presented on a platter with liquid nitrogen where it delivers a spectacular visual impact with smoke undulating from the dish. Other signatures include Grade A Wagyu Beef, Snow Flake Beef, Taiwanese Meatball and meats like duck, lamb, chicken meats, dumplings.

*Non-halal restaurant*

Chun Ciou is open for lunch between 12pm-3pm at RM60+ per pax, and dinner between 5pm-12am at RM75+ per pax. For more information, please visit here.



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