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The Weekly’s Review: Demitasse

From its own coffee blend to having a pork-laden menu, this cafe definitely stands out among the others

By Iva Kuck | February 22, 2017

Owned by two friends who wanted to create a place for unpretentious comfort food with good coffee and desserts, Demitasse’s owner – Julian Lim and Alzac Sng set out to make local produce taste good. They source ingredients from local farms and uses local produce as much as possible. On top of that, everything is made from scratch.

From top left, the Honey Bacon Wings (RM25) is a must-order. For us, the crispy skin with a layer of honey glazed is a perfect combo. Order this if you come with your friends or family as it is great to be shared among groups.

Unlike the usual soups you get at cafes, Demitasse serves up a delicious bowl of Beef Cheek Stew (RM19), pictured top right which features a hearty serving of slow-cooked beef cheek with beef stock, herbs and vegetables. The beef cheek is tender and soft while the herbs and vegetables gives the stew its flavour.

If you are interested in trying something special, we recommend the Pork Medallion (RM35), pictured bottom left, a bacon wrapped pork served with Hasselback potato and truffle butter. It’s a pleasant change to the usual pork dishes that we’ve tasted, as it doesn’t carry that common distinctive smell that pork often times has. The truffle butter definitely pairs well with the wrapped pork, making it creamier and richer in flavour.

For sharing, their Boscaila (RM20), pictured bottom right, is a creamy fettuccine dish that you need to try with just the right amount of cream and cheese. You may opt to add-on bacon or mushrooms if you want to.

Verdict: “Definitely a place where I’d have a meal with friends and family. The portions are generous, the dishes flavourful and a cosy setting that makes get -togethers memorable!” – Iva Kuck, Writer.

Non-halal restaurant.

Demitasse is located at 29, Jalan USJ 16/2F, 47630 Subang Jaya. Open Wednesday to Sunday. For details, visit https://www.facebook.com/demitasse.co/.


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