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The Weekly’s Review: Ticklish Ribs And ‘Wiches

Get your Asian food fix here with a pork-driven menu

By Iva Kuck | March 29, 2017

Known for its funky name of dishes such as “Praise The Lard”, “Ssshock Sendiri”, and “Hoilam Ting”, you know you’ll be in for a treat at Ticklish Ribs and ‘Wiches, a non-halal restaurant that is all about Asian comfort food. Here are a few of our favourite dishes from Ticklish Ribs and ‘Wiches that you should try!

Find Ticklish Ribs and ‘Wiches at 5 Jalan 21/11A, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This is a non-halal restaurant.


Curry Minced Pork with Toast, RM12

 We like the idea of minced pork instead of pork chunks as it involves minimal chewing! Take a spoonful of curry minced pork and spread over the crispy edges toast, it tastes so good.


Signature BBQ Pork Ribs [Not Really], RM23

With a choice of ‘Spicy’ or ‘Not really’, we choose the ‘Not Really’ version. If you are coming in a larger group, opt for ‘FULL’ which consists of 6 ribs instead of the ‘HALF’, 3 ribs.

salted egg

Salted Egg Meat Balls Pasta, RM24

We like the creaminess and the salted egg flavour that blends well with the pasta. If you’re not into pasta, choose salad, sandwich or rice and pair it with the Salted Egg Meat Balls.


You Braise Me Up, RM26

When was the last time you had a sinful bowl of braised juicy fat pork belly with rice?The crispy pork lard with braised pork will leave you wanting more. Remember to eat it while it’s hot.

Sloppy Fries

Sloppy Fries, RM8

Never leave the restaurant without trying this! The special minced pork and hot cheese that melts on top of the fries is the perfect combination.

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