The Perfect Present

Because Christmas shopping should be fun and not stressful!

By The Weekly | December 1, 2017

Shopping for loved ones can be daunting. At Guardian, you’re sure to find a gift to make someone smile.

This is an advertising feature in association with Guardian.


Rejuvenate and relax with the Botaneco Garden Organic Inca Inchi and Aloe Vera set. Achieve soft skin with their hydrating hand and body products.

Botaneco Garden Organic Inca Inchi and Aloe Vera set with cosmetic pouch, RM29.90


You’ll want to keep reapplying your lip balm when it involves taking this adorable container out of your bag.  Choose from these three delicious scents: Lemon, pineapple and strawberry.

Hello Kitty Sweet Kisses Lip Balm (set of 3), RM29.90


Bathe in luxury with this set which has a scrub, body wash and body lotion, plus a sponge to remove dead skin.

Botaneco Garden body care and sisal sponge set, RM25.90


Sometimes Kitty just looks best in pink, as proven by this girlie body wash that comes with an adorable bath sponge too.

Hello Kitty rose body wash and sponge, RM25.90


Restore shine with this Botaneco Garden hair care set, formulated with botanical ingredients.

Botaneco Garden hair care and hair brush set, RM29.90


Rely on your favourite kitty to help keep your hands moisturised with this set that includes a hand sanitiser and two tubes of hand creams.

Hello Kitty Total Hand Care set, RM29.90

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