Esther, A Stage Play To Inspire All Malaysians

Find out how this stage play aims to remind us that change begins with us

By The Weekly | September 25, 2016


Looking for an interesting weekend activity that doesn’t involve strolling in shopping malls? Catch the stage play ESTHER at Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC)!
Running from September 30 to October 2, 2016, ESTHER is a stage production that follows the life of an ordinary woman who finds herself at the heart of a conflict that will decide the future of her people. Set in the bustling metropolis known as The City, this story draws audience into the dilemma Esther faces when confronted with the opportunity of saving her people, but at the risk of expensing her life and those of her loved ones.

Brought to you by the team behind the award-winning stage production The Tailor Made Man (2013), ESTHER is a stage play that promises to be relatable to all generations and which aims to inspire all Malaysians towards a better change for the nation.

“Our inspiration is based on historical events that are still celebrated in some parts of the world – but its core message is still relevant for many of us today,” says Darren Yeoh, Director of ESTHER. “There’s no better time than the present for us to be reminded that change begins with us.”


For tickets, head on to www.dpac.com.my. Ticket prices on Friday are RM45 for normal seating and RM55 for VIP seating. Prices for Saturday and Sunday range between RM35 – RM45 for normal seating and RM55 for limited VIP seating.

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