7 Tiled Bathrooms That Will Make You Swoon

Bold colours and patterns can be a challenge to play around with however, these bathrooms beg to differ.

By Sa'idah Jaffar | July 10, 2017

If you’re worried that mixing the two together (bold patterns and colours) can cause an interior catastrophe, go easy and start with either one. Just by incorporating one bold pattern together with a few neutral colours, it could bring your bathroom up a notch.


1. Monochrome

Photo: Pinterest

It is quite impossible to go wrong with monochromatic colours i.e. black, white, grey. This bathroom uses a combination of patterns and it works beautifully.


2. Pink, White, and Black

Photo: Pinterest

This bathroom gives off a nostalgic retro feel. We love the fresh clean vibes the white towels lends.


3. Pink, Gold, and Wallpaper

Photo: Pinterest

Wallpapers have long been given a bad reputation as they remind some  of the 1970’s where you can find it being used in just about any houses you go to and sometimes, in an ill-mannered way. It is however, making a comeback and we couldn’t be more pleased, or the setting above wouldn’t have been possible!



4. Baby Blue, Gold, and White

Photo: Pinterest

If you love the polished clean feel that a white bathroom gives but still want a bit of colour, use a light-coloured patterned tile as the main focal and keep everything else white.


5. Aquamarine, Grey, Gold

Photo: Pinterest

We think by now it has been established that gold pretty much goes with anything. This combination of aquamarine tiles and grey seashell tiles can’t help but to remind us of the sea.


6. Marble, Black, and Blue-Grey

Photo: Pinterest

This is a perfect example that you could use three different kind of patterned tiles and colours in one room.


7. Aquamarine

Photo: Pinterest

Bring the beach to you with this aquamarine scallop tiles as the feature wall and pair it with any neutral colours.

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