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Taking care of your clothes is easy and fuss-free with Electrolux UltraMix™ front load washers as these three real women found out

By The Weekly | August 28, 2017


Three busy mums share how their experience with the UltraMix™ has made a difference in their lives. To learn more, visit www.electrolux.com.my.

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“As a first-time Electrolux user, I am very impressed with the washing machine’s functions. With my old washer, I tended to overload it. But with the UltraMix™, I know exactly how much clothes I’m putting in, thanks to its Load Sensor™ and the clothes come out less wrinkly and cleaner.
“The Baby Care function is very important for me, too, since I have a young child, because I don’t want any harsh chemical residue from detergents to come in contact with his tender and sensitive skin.”



“There are five of us in the family, including my two young children. I do my laundry every day, usually early in the morning. The UltraMix™ has been such a great help. Its Time Manager function lets me set the wash time according to how much time I have, which frees me to do other chores. I’d load the washing machine then prepare breakfast, attend to the kids and get ready for work.
“I used to handwash delicates but with the Delicates mode on my UltraMix™ I can now wash my more delicate blouses and hijabs in the washer!
“There’s also a Baby Care mode that lets me adjust the water temperature so my son’s clothes can be cleaned better. This gives me great satisfaction.”



“I’ve always wanted a front load washing machine so it was really nice when I won the UltraMix™. I was really excited when I put in my first load of laundry. I actually took a video of it spinning and it was a delightful first experience!
“I find the UltraMix™ really easy to handle and I love that my clothes come out feeling soft and clean! The UltraMix™ System has an advanced technology that allows deeper cleaning and this helps keep clothes looking new for longer. I also like that the UltraMix™ uses the EcoInverter Technology so I can save water and electricity – it uses 75 per cent less energy and reduces washing cycle time by almost half.
“The Easy Iron feature is what I appreciate the most. After washing, my husband’s work clothes are less wrinkled and easier to iron.”

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