How You Can Earn Some Money With The Help Of Carousell

Do you know that you can make money from your pre-loved items? Start making your money here!

By Iva Kuck | May 12, 2017

Carousell is a mobile classifieds app that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as easy as chatting. It started in Singapore and has now spread to 19 cities around the world. With over 57 million listings, we are one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces. Here’s how easy it is to use the app!

Take Photos Easily

Carousell has its own camera built right into the app. Get started with the “Sell” button on the main screen. After snapping a photo, users can also beautify listing photos with the app’s photo editing functions.

30 Second Listings

Listing an item for sale is very simple. You need to provide a listing photo, item title and price of their item to appear on the marketplace. If more info is needed, sellers also have the option to fill in further details such as an item description or a preferred meet-up location.


The inbuilt private messaging system enables users to communicate entirely within the app, thus negating the need to exchange personal information such as phone numbers or email address in order to complete a deal.

Share Listings

With just one tap, sellers can share the items that they selling on Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter and personal Facebook pages. This help sellers to effortlessly to reach a huge pool pf prospective buyers.


Carousell Groups connects users with similar interests, and puts all the related listings in one convenient place. Some examples of groups that are available now include Pokemon Go Gamers, Yoga Enthusiasts and many more.


  • Put your profile picture to let people recognise you
  • Write exact details of your products.
  • Take a good picture of your product. Use a clean background and good lighting.
  • Price it well, do not be too expensive

For more information, visit here.

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