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Listen To The Music Of Singer Yuna, A Nominee For The BET Centric Awards 2017

This Malaysian singer-songwriter never fails to wow us with her vocals

By The Weekly | May 22, 2017

Image source: YunaMusic


Image Source: yunaroomrecords

By now most of us have already heard that US -based Malaysian singer, Yuna has been nominated for the 2017 BET Centric Awards for her hit single ‘Crush’ featuring Usher. Other nominees include Mary J. Blige, Solange, Fantasia, Kehlani and SYD. The awards recognises neo Soul and R&B singers for their music.

To celebrate this nomination, let’s get reacquainted with Yuna’s soulful jazz vocals with some of her best tracks (and our favourites!) on spotify.



Yuna Track 1 new

‘Crush’ – Chapters

Yuna Track 2 new

‘Best Love’ – Chapters

Yuna Track 3 new

‘Used To Love You’ – Chapters

Yuna Track 4 new

‘Mannequin’ – Chapters

Yuna Track 5 new

‘Rescue’ – Yuna

Yuna Track 6 new

‘Lullabies’ – Yuna

Yuna Track 7 new

‘Pulang’ – Yuna

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