The Mandarin Oriental Digital Wellness Retreat

Break free from your smartphone addiction through a luxurious wellness retreat

By The Weekly | January 10, 2017

Do you know that about a third of the Malaysian population owns a smartphone? These days, face-to-face conversations at social gatherings are becoming shorter and shorter because we’re always looking to check our smartphones for texts, notifications, or new updates on social media platforms.

The fact that our emails are ever so easily accessible via our phones doesn’t make things better! It seems like we’re never off from work entirely. Every email that comes in beckons us to open it and find out what it’s about – even during weekends!

Maybe it’s time we seriously thought about taking a break from our electronic devices. We owe it to our family and friends, and especially ourselves indulge in a smartphone-free retreat in order to regain a calm and relaxing lifestyle.

The Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, has launched a Digital Wellness Retreat that is designed specifically to allow guest to relieve themselves from the stress caused by the use of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The Digital Wellness Retreat includes:

1 Accommodation in a luxurious guest room, with stunning views of Tokyo. A Himalayan salt lamp which absorbs electromagnetic waves will be placed in-room. An ancient healing “shungite” stone and Himalayan salt will be placed in the guest room bathroom.

2 Energy clearing exercises followed by the Digital Wellness Escape spa treatment (80 mins).

3 At the spa, guests will receive a sheet containing tips on how to manage their relationship with technology and a smart phone cover which blocks electromagnetic waves.

4 A specially-designed “Wellness Lunch”, served at Cantonese restaurant Sense on the 37th floor.

5 A 4-course “Wellness Dinner”, served at French fine dining Signature on the 37th floor.

The Digital Wellness Retreat is available until 31 March 2017 and is priced at JPY 98,800 for one guest and JPY 151,600 for two guests for the Deluxe Room Plan and JPY164,800 for one guest and JPY218,800 for two guests for the Executive Suite Plan. In addition to the above costs, a 15% service charge, 8% consumption tax, and an accommodation tax of JPY 200 per person will also be charged. Reservations can be made at +81 03-3270-8800 or [email protected].

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