So Is Melamine Tableware Really Safe Or Not?

By The Weekly | January 3, 2018


There have been concerns recently about the safety of melamine ware to be used as dining utensils. The fear was mainly surrounding the issue of whether the melanin substance, which is used to make the tableware, does slowly seep into food that comes into contact with the utensils – or not. To answer the question of if melamine tableware is safe for use, the short answer is: yes. Provided that it is handled correctly.

Through a safety and risk assessment, the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has found that melamine does not transfer into most foods. Evidence of melamine transfer occurred only when the table was used in extreme conditions, such as exposure to very high temperature in the microwave or oven.

Benefits of using melamine tableware
First, what is melamine tableware made of? In a nutshell, melamine is composed of three compounds: alfacellulose, malamine crystal and formaldehyde solvent. Specifically, melamine tableware by Superware, the world’s largest manufacturer of 100 per cent melamine tableware, has been tested to be food safe and non-toxic.
1. It’s light and highly durable – Superware’s melamine tableware is resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking. It’s even safe to be used in automatic dishwashers. Its lightweight too and that makes it suitable for carrying around.
2. It’s heat-resistant – it can be boiled up to 140°C so hygiene will never be an issue. But this doesn’t mean it’s safe to be used for heating food in the microwave and oven.
3. It has slower heat transfer – as Superware’s tableware melamine is made of pure melamine, food is able to stay warm in the utensil longer while being cool to the touch on the outside, making it safe for the person holding the utensil.
4. It’s fade-proof and stain-resistant – Superware tableware is made of 100 per cent melamine and with an additional layer of coating to ensure durability.
5. It’s tested for food safety and toxicity – Superware’s products adhere to the highest quality standards and are approved by the FDA.

All these reasons make Superware melamine tableware very suitable for use by the entire family – including the kids!

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How not to handle melamine tableware
– Don’t use it to heat up food in the microwave or oven.
– Don’t wash it with bleach or abrasive detergent.
– Use a sponge or a non-abrasive pad when washing. Steel wools or metal scouring pads will scratch its surface and cause damage.
– Don’t expose your melamine table to naked flame.


Text: Yap Jin Wen

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