Take The Stress Out Of Decorating Your Home With These Easy Hacks

Make sure you keep this item handy at home!

By Sa'idah Jaffar | March 8, 2018

Solve life’s little problems such keeping your pens organised and having your frames aligned on your house walls with the help of Faber Castell’s TACK-IT!

Find out how you can make use of yours in more ways than one below:

TI Align It (Medium)

1. Align it

TI Clean It (Medium)

2. Clean it

TI Combine It (Medium)

3. Combine it

TI Hang It (Medium)

4. Hang it

TI Mould It (Medium)

5. Mould it

TI Organize It (Medium)

6. Organise it

TI Stick It (Medium)

7. Stick it

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