Explore Sydney Just Like The Locals

Soulful and creative, check out this go-to guide to explore Sydney in style

By The Weekly | September 15, 2017

French start-up, Didi & Co, recently launched a travel guidebook totally curated by Sydney locals, featuring top places to eat, drink and play.
From secret spots with a sweet view to hidden heritage gems or underground party joints: the very best of the city is at your fingertips.  Didi & Co was started by two sisters who put together pointers about their home cities – Sydney, Bombay and Kuala Lumpur – for visiting buddies and newcomers. The endeavour continued on the road, with compiling tips from friends across the world, and resulted in a community of like-minded travellers and local insiders.

Says Didi & Co co-founder, Geraldine Boyer, “In this digital age, we dare to bet on old school with a print version instead of an app because we believe some of us still like to unplug our phones when travelling, and enjoy keeping a tangible trace of places visited on our bookshelf.” Here she shares some tips when visiting Sydney:

– Ride the ferry to Watson’s Bay. The ocean is undoubtedly where you’ll get the most spectacular view of the city skyline. And it’s a lovely nature day getaway!

– Take a dip in one of the city’s natural rock pools (Bronte Baths among many others). When the sun is setting and the waves come crash dramatically into the pool, it’s a bit of magic.

– Peruse the designer boutiques set in the cute Victorian houses of Paddington.

– Indulge in a breakfast feast (they call it “brekky” over here) in a local café. Australians have a strong coffee culture so you’ll get treated with the finest single origins (at Single O, in Surry Hills) and some unique pastries (the colourful truffle, kiwi or raspberry croissants at Textbook Patisserie for instance).

–  Do the Bondi to Bronte costal walk and stop at the Bondi Icebergs for a drink with the sweetest view in town.

Check out their own funky travel guidebook, as an offbeat travel alternative option. Available on www.didiandcotravel.com

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