Know Your Rights Before You Fly!

Get informed about your rights as an air traveller and how to exercise these rights

By The Weekly | December 22, 2017


It’s peak travel season now and many of us will be travelling by air. So, did you go through the pages-long terms and conditions on the airline’s website before you clicked “I agree” and then proceed to purchase your tickets? Let’s be honest – most of us don’t. And even you did, chances are that you believe that the terms and conditions set by the airline indicate your rights as a traveller. Truth is, this is not the case.

For instance, did you know the airline must provide travellers with meals, telephone calls and Internet access if the flight is delayed for two hours or more? Most people don’t. The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) was established for this reason – to help consumers know their rights before they fly. Set up on March 1, 2016, the goal of MAVCOM is to promote a commercially viable, consumer-oriented and resilient civil aviation industry that supports the nation’s economic growth. MAVCOM is different from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Department of civil Aviation (DCA) in that it does not make policies like the MOT nor regulate technical and safety matters for Malaysia’s civil aviation industry like the DCA. Instead, it focuses on the consumers and economic matters that concerns civil aviation.

In addition, are you aware that airlines are liable to pay compensation in the event of lost or delayed baggage, regardless of whether the consumer had purchased travel insurance or not. However, consumers are still advised to purchase travel insurance as it covers other unforeseen circumstances, such as medical incidents and emergencies when abroad.

So before you make your journey to the airport, visit to learn about the rights to compensation and claims that you have as an air traveller. The full details of what kind of protection you are entitled to is found here.

Text: Yap Jin Wen

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