Tips On Travelling Last-Minute Like A Pro

Now you can travel last-minute, at any time, stress-free

By Sa'idah Jaffar | October 22, 2017

Follow these simple tips closely and we assure you that your future travels won’t hit a dent in your bank (at least not too much!).


1. Book your flight and hotel together and save up to 30 per cent on overall savings.

2. Book on a Sunday to save up to 11 per cent on domestic flights and 16 per cent on flights to Europe.

3. Stay over on a Saturday night and save up to 57 per cent on your trip. Round-trip/return flights always cost less than those that don’t include a Saturday night stay.

4. Have a packing list on hand and toiletry bag ready at all times so you don’t have to stress over it when a travelling opportunity pops up.


Research made on travelling behaviours and photos are courtesy of Expedia.

Infographic_Pic 1

Note how you can save up to 2 per cent more when you book flight tickets a week in advance.

Inforgraphic Pic 2

Japan ranks the highest when it comes to making travel bookings ahead of time followed by Singapore and Malaysia.

Infographic Pic 3

If you’re looking for a quick getaway for the weekend, try the countries above.

Infographic Pic 4

But if you’re more of a city person looking for great food, beaches, cheap shopping and a cultural experience, the four cities above would fit the bill.

Infographic Pic 5

The next time you’re planning to do some last minute travelling, be sure to abide by these three tips that’ll save you money and keep your stress level at bay!

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