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Want A Taste of Japan’s Finest Cuisines (That’s Not Just Sushi) Right Here In KL?

Too busy to take a week's worth of leave to fly to Japan for its food? Just head over to J's Gate Dining for a full Japanese dining experience and be prepared to be blown away

By Sa'idah Jaffar | January 20, 2018

A new Japanese food hub has recently opened and it promises you a whopping of 18 different types of Japanese cuisines, all under one roof, situated right here in KL.

The J’s Gate Dining is located at Level 4 of Lot 10 Shopping Centre and aims to spread its Japanese culture by creating a space where customers could experience a taste of Japan without having to leave the country.

It does so by putting together an array of Japanese fine cuisines that best represents the country including dishes like chicken ramen with shoyu sauce, eel rice bowls, yakitori, premium Japanese Wagyu beef and delicate Japanese sweets.

In addition, there will be an exclusive Tuna Cutting Show this Saturday, January 20 at 11AM at the Umai Sushi Kan restaurant where the chefs will do a demonstration on how a whole tuna (that weights up to 40kg!) is cut and sliced to make tuna sushi.

All 18 restaurants is set to be in full operation early march 2018.


Photo 1 (Medium)

J’s Gate Dining is located on Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Centre KL. Opens daily from 11AM to 11PM.

IMG_2479 (Medium)

Torisakaba Hanazen restaurant serves delicious Japanese chicken.

IMG_2510 (Medium)

Chicken Ramen with Spicy Miso Soup from Kaguraya – a chicken ramen specialty shop.

IMG_2522 (Medium)

Sushi dishes from Umai Sushi Kan.

mochi (Medium)

Warabi Mochi, a traditional Japanese sweet from YAYOI.

Photo 8 (Medium)

Tuna Cutting Show that will take place January 20th, 11AM at the Umai Sushi Kan restaurant.

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