6 Rice Dishes To Try This Chinese New Year

Sa'idah Jaffar | January 26, 2018

Rice in Chinese culture gives meaning to health and prosperity among other things. So here are some of our favourite rice-based recipes for you to try this Chinese New Year.


1. Fried Rice With Lup Cheong & Shiitake Mushrooms

Easy, quick, and hearty enough for either lunch or dinner.


Find out how to make it here.


2. Cheesy Rice With Sausages & Broccoli

This one would have your kids lingering for more.


Find out how to make it here.


3. Dark Sauce Chicken With Mushroom Rice

All it takes to make this dish is 30 mins and a big appetite!


Find out how to make it here.


4. Salmon Seaweed Rice

What could be better than a hearty bowl of Japanese rice loaded with salmon and seaweed?


Find out how to make it here.


5. Minced Chicken, Salted Fish & Long Bean Rice

This super tasty dish is a definite must for the Chinese New Year.


Find out how to make it here.


6. Brown Rice Salad with Tuna

For those who wishes to add a bit more greens to their meals, this one’s for you.


Find out how to make it here.

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