8 Fun Ways To Enjoy Hot Cross Buns For Easter

The Weekly | March 29, 2018

The only thing better than a freshly baked, fruit-filled hot cross bun is one that’s chock-full of other surprise goodies! Here, we’ve gathered our most creative takes on the traditional Easter bun, with everything from cookies and delicious scone versions to decadent puddings and French toasts. Some of these recipes also make use of leftover buns from Easter Sunday, so you do not waste any. Enjoy and have a happy Easter!

Recipes & Photos:

French-Toast-Hot-Cross-Buns-SW0418Living_Opener_HotCrossBuns_201704133873169904 (600 x 343)

1. French Toast Hot Cross Buns
Delicious served with bacon, poached eggs and a drizzle of maple syrup, this sweet treat is made from leftover hot cross buns (or you can use other normal buns if you like).

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2. Hot Cross Bun Bites
These little hot cross bun bites make great party food, and you can also make cake pops out of them – dip a paddle pop stick into a melted chocolate and insert into the base of ball. Allow to set upright in a water glass or secure on a foam base.

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3. Apple & Pear Bun Crumble Bake
A creative way to make use of leftover hot cross buns (or any other buns if you prefer) is this Apple & Pear Bun Crumble Bake – so yummy!

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4. Hot Cross Bun Scones
Surprise everyone with these hot cross buns baked as scones, they go really well with some strawberry jam, clotted cream and butter served at the side.

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5. Easter Hot Cross Bun Pudding
Make the most of your Easter hot cross bun leftovers to make this glorious pudding – it goes perfectly with some cream or a scoop of your favourite ice-cream.

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6. Choc Passion Fruit Hot Cross Bun Puddings
Who knew the humble hot cross bun can be so versatile? They can be used to create these pretty Choc Passion Fruit Hot Cross Bun Puddings!

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7. Dessert Hot Cross Buns
Wonderfully sweet and fluffy, these hot cross buns are delicious served warm, drizzled with maple syrap and fresh fruit. This dish makes for a delicious breakfast or dessert.

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8. Hot Cross Bun Cookies
If you love almond cookies, this hot cross bun cookie recipe will be a delight to make and enjoy. Serve them up for Easter or as a special treat during teatime.

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