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Exclusive! 5 Minutes With Artisan Coffee Barista

Sa'idah Jaffar | September 21, 2017

We sat down with Hazim Hadi, Senior Barista at Artisan Coffee, to learn the best way to enjoy a good cuppa.

How did you get your start in making coffee?
Initially, I worked at Artisan to make extra pocket money during my college years, but soon after, it grew on me. As they say, “you don’t choose the coffee life, the coffee life chooses you”.

Have you always loved coffee?
Ironically enough, I was actually a tea person back then but my late mentor converted me into a coffee geek when I first started working at Artisan.

For those who are just starting to drink coffee, what drink would you recommend them and why?
Probably a latte as it has the most milk content, making the taste milkier.

Is there a right and wrong way to drink coffee? (i.e. with our without sugar, milk, etc.)
We always encourage customers to drink their coffee without sugar or milk. This way they can learn to identify and appreciate the flavours and notes of each cup of coffee they drink.

What is the most basic equipment one should own to brew a good coffee at home?
A simple aeropress or a V60 pour over drip coffee maker.

How should one store coffee at home?
Store it like how you would most dry food – keep the coffee in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, while ensuring the container is airtight.


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