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Eat Your Way To A Better Health with These Instagram Accounts

Sa'idah Jaffar | April 1, 2017

If you’re still not convinced that eating healthy is not all bad, then perhaps these accounts might change your mind.

1 (Custom)

Photo via @nomnompaleo

For delicious paleo-friendly Asian recipes such as Wonton Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash, Egg Drop Soup or  Korean Short Ribs, definitely pay this account a visit.

2 (Custom)

Photo via @minimalistbaker

This account promises that every recipe will take no more than 10 ingredients and consists mainly of plant-based dishes! Pictured here is Baked Chocolate Donuts with Coconut Oil Glaze.

3 (Custom)

Photo via @mynewroots

These vegan tacos filled with roasted vegetables, avocado and lettuce is just one of the few yummy-looking recipes up on this account. They’re also guilt-free!

4 (Custom)

Photo via @sproutedroutes

From soups, to pastas, to relaxing rose buds lattes, this account pretty much covers it all. Did we mention they even have desserts?

5 (Custom)

Photo via @thewholefooddiary

Just looking at the picture of this shredded chicken with spelt bun burger is making us smack our lips. We can’t deny the fact that we wish we could try everything that comes out of this account.

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