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Herbs That Make Yummy Desserts

Sa'idah Jaffar | July 13, 2017

When using herbs with desserts, you have to be a little experimental and a little bit more daring. For example, basil goes well with blueberries and sorrel pairs really well with citrus based desserts. Start with one kind of herb first and work your way up. Once you get the hang of it, it could really open up a whole new door for you in the world of desserts!

Photo: The Kitchen Paper



1. Rosemary

Photo: Runway Chef

Uses: Rosemary olive oil cake, short breads, lemon rosemary cupcakes, lime and rosemary granita, rosemary creme brulee, rosemary sugar syrup.


2. Basil

Photo: The Kitchen Paper

Uses: Basil strawberry tart, lemon basil tart, blueberry basil granita, peach basil galette, lemon  basil yoghurt cake, chocolate orange basil brownies.


3. Tarragon

Photo: Culture Cheese Mag

Uses: Tarragon and mint ice-cream, tarragon berry jam, tarragon short breads, tarragon and peach cake.


4. Thyme

Photo: Port and Fin

Uses: Thyme salted chocolate chip cookies, citrus thyme tart, thyme and peach pound cake.

strawberrysage4 (Small)

5. Sage

Photo: Cupcakes for Breakfast

Uses: Blackberry sage pie bars, cranberry sage pie, strawberry sage mascarpone tart, cranberry and sage scones, ginger and sage cookies, blackberry sage frozen yoghurt.

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